certificate 3 in aged care · government funded aged care certificate iii

The Numerous Aged Care Career Options and Their Primary Functions

To deal with the growing ageing population in the Australian continent, the government has come up with numerous plans and job corridors to encourage aged care provider services.

Aged care industry is growing by leaps and bounds. A career in the aged care sector has great potential and scope. Nowadays, Certificate III aged care training courses are gaining immense popularity.

Certificate III in aged care training offers professional training for all those learners, who want to make a career as a personal care taker for aged people.

Certificate III in aged care course also helps understand the needs of elder citizens, who depend on others for their day-to-day activities.

Certificate 3 aged care Courses Perth

Many prestigious Australian educational institutes are now offering certificate 3 aged care courses in Perth and other regions. These courses are offered by means of varied channels such as online course, distance education correspondence course, active classroom course or blended course mode.

The certificate III in aged care course mainly focuses on providing assistance and adequate health care for elder citizens in and around Perth.

Providing personal care and giving them proper medications on a timely basis is one of the priority features learnt through the course.

After the Certificate III course is completed, learners become professionally qualified to support elderly people and offering them health care services. Medical, emotional and physiological requirements are met in a proficient manner.

Certificate III in aged care course also comes under Australian government funded aged care certificate III program.

Government assistance literally means that once the government eligibility criteria is fulfilled, students are supported by government funding to cover a substantial portion of their course fees.

Online assessment for eligibility is made available by most government-aided institutions.

Let us discuss some of the bright career options for students empowered with cert III in aged care:

  • Nursing – For students wanting a career pathway in nursing; there are several nursing homes and aged care facilities with openings for ‘nursing assistants’. These assistants can be included as a nursing team member or providing assistance to chief nurses in daily support and care of the elders.
  • Personal care Assistant – These personal assistants play a vital role in daily well being of elders. A PCA looks after the overall hygiene, mental, emotional, medical health and interactive skills of the elderly citizens. The patients are put to ease and are able to feel well cared under the supervision of the personal care
  • Home care Assistant – The elders who do not wish to remain in a nursing home, are looked after by home care assistants in the comfort of their own homes. These assistants help patients in their daily routine activities. The services of a home care assistant goes beyond the conventional role of a nurse or medical health care Home care assistant aids in everyday household duties such as washing clothes, cleaning the home, washing utensils, etc. They also provide lively social interaction to the elder patients. A career as home care assistant can be full time or part time.
  • Community care Providers – Community support workers mainly focus on people with severe disabilities (bodily or intellectual). They also work in co-ordination with home carers and the families of the patients. They try to provide a social environment for patients in order to boost their interactive skills in games, hobbies, interests and help build a bond with the community. These workers help transform forlorn elderly patients into active community citizens.

If you desire to make a positive change in the society for the well being of elderly citizens, the aged care courses can be a rewarding step towards a promising future in the aged care industry.

An aged care worker with a qualified certificate credential goes through a fulfilling and enriching experience.

The workers or caregivers have a work schedule filled by aiding the elderly members of the society, who often feel neglected or lonely after entering their twilight years.

Making a substantial difference in their lives is itself a natural reward. It is a unique career field wherein both parents and young adults can donate their services for the benefit of elderly citizens.

One can opt for flexible working hours as caregivers to accommodate a part time aged care career or take it up on a full time basis through private home based care or nursing homes.


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