Child Care

Child Care Career- Scope, Benefits and the Common Challenges


Child care is one of the most rewarding careers in the world today, especially in Australia. Facilitating children in learning, growing & developing relationships with them along with their families provides a great boost.

One of the most favourable factors of working in this field is the population growth. The birth rate of Australia is expected to rise by 6.4% by 2020, thus making the government invest heavily in this sector to support families. The increased growth only means there is going to be a greater need of certified child care workers.

Another major reason behind the increased participation in this career is the accessibility, diversity and affordability of child care options. Parents today are given a wide range of child care options to use on the basis of their current needs, including nannies, crèche workers, special needs assistance, Playgroup supervisor, to name a few.

Apart from that, the child care sector has never failed to keep pace with the digital age. Many software solutions have been exclusively designed for this industry including sign-ins, payroll processing, attendance, parent communications, etc.

If you have the ability to perform several tasks that helps in the development of children and have patience to deal with their behavioural and emotional issues.

Given below are some other reasons on why childcare sector is the perfect career choice for you. 

  • Great Earning Opportunities

How much do the child care workers earn in Australia? This is obviously the number one question pops in your mind when considering this career path.

Well, as per the PayScale, which links individuals and businesses to the largest salary profile database in the world, the average income of child care worker in Australia is $43,000 AUD per annum and the hourly rate range from $17 AUD to $25 AUD.

  • Allow Maintain Balance between Personal & Professional Life

Unlike other professions where you have to compromise with the sleeping patterns by working for odd hours or late at nights, Child care duties generally start from 7:00 am and ends 6:00 pm.

Besides, you don’t have to worry about working on the weekends. Except in the rare cases, the profession offers you a great opportunity to plan weekend activities like having a dinner with your family.

  • Opportunity to Develop Own Mind While Nurturing the Little Ones

Child care service is not just about nurturing young minds, but your own as well. You will be expected to get involved in the development of children, extend their interest, educate them and guide their behaviour. This offers you lots of opportunities to develop yourself through physically demanding and emotionally challenging work.

However, as every industry in the world is impervious to challenges, child care is no exception. There are some set of barriers that you need to overcome to make the most of this career opportunities. This includes:

  • License Requirements

You are required to obtain a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. This course helps gaining the expertise required to provide care for individuals or group of children and strategize activities that help to achieve developmental outcomes.

It covers workplace practices, emergency first aid, children’s health and safety, care for kids, culture and diversity, etc.

  • Choosing the Area of Specialisation

Choosing a specialisation in a child care career without knowing the interests will only give you frustrations and disappointments. You need to specialise for a position on the basis of the kind of children with whom you enjoy working.

For instance, if you prefer to work with toddlers, you can pursue the role of nanny, on the other hand, if you love undertaking the responsibilities of pre-school children, then crèche worker is the most appropriate designation for you.

Feeling encouraged by the benefits of a child care career and wants to make a difference in the lives of people? Then why not kick-start your career by the looking into the childcare courses at APEIRO and get prepared for the future opportunities!

Author Bio:

Raghavendra is the owner of Apeiro Training Services, a reputable training organisation in Perth. He has catered hundreds of individuals with flexible learning options in aged care and child care courses Perth, visa requirements and language courses.


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